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Using Brighton Festival’s theme this year, the ‘Everyday Epic’, we are creating a series of interactive events from the 20th – 26th May that showcase the work of charities, social enterprises, businesses and the public sector in and around Brighton & Hove.
The series of events  hosted over the week serve to show the epic character of social good this city has but very few know about.
Join us  in exploring how we can work together effectively so that all members of our community can flourish and fulfil their potential.




A small group of local organisations—including funders, charities, social enterprises and representatives from the council—are leading a project that opens up the city’s work to support vulnerable and isolated members of the community.

It’s not about us—it’s about what the city is doing already and how we can all come together to do even more.

Organisations involved so far include:


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Below is a list of our featured events.



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